Hugo Series - Aluminium Base


Hugo is designed with careful and meticulous sewing of the upholstery based on high quality and nest craftsmanship. The chair comes with adjustable backrest that support and improve the sitting posture. Aim to harmonize the environment, the premium design of the chair sits in seamlessly in all sort of office environment – be it a big office space or even at your small office home office (SOHO). Hugo pave the way to the new standard of the cushion chair.

One year warranty for components & parts.

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1 HG6210L-16D98       Presidential High Back                     
2 HG6212L-16D98 Executive Low Back
3 HG6212L-16 Executive Low Back without Arm
4 HG6213L-19D98 Conference / Visitor with Arm

* AB16 – Aluminium Base, D98 – 4D Aluminium Adjustable Armrest

* MH024S – Self-weight Adjustment Synchronized Mechanism with Seat Slide (Multi Locking)

* AB19 – 4 Pronged Aluminium Base with Stud

* Chrome Backrest T-Bar Connector

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