Mesh II N Series - Nylon Base


One year warranty for components & parts.

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1 MH5710N-20D60 Presidential High Back
2 MH5711N-20D60 Presidential Medium Back
3 MH5711N-20D60 Executive Low Back
4 MH5712N-20 Executive Low Back without Arm
5 MH5712N-89EA        Conference / Visitor with Arm
6 MH5713N-92E Conference / Visitor without Arm

* NB20 – Nylon High Base; A60 – Fixed Armrest

* MH011 – Metal Synchronized Mechanism (1 Locking)

* 89EA – Epoxy Cantilever Base with Arm

* 92E – Epoxy Cantilever Base without Arm

* Fabric / PU / Clean Leather / Softec applicable to Headrest & Seat

One year warranty for components & parts.

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