Shelton Jaya Sdn Bhd register as a sole proprietor since 1983. From the humble beginning of a single factory of 100 square metres, with supply of aluminum frame, door, window, glass works & gypsum board partition. It run by our director , Lim Kong Choong with 20 year experience in the glass & aluminum industry .

Our company objective is provide the quality service & product with reasonable price &after sales service. During the year, we always recruit technique staff to backup our quality product and after sales service.

In year 1990 , our company move to a new factory with office & store in Taman Industri Puchong .In 28 Oct 2008, our company director set up a another company which is Shelton Trading & Marketing Sdn Bhd for trading building material purpose and also can lower our raw material cost .

It also start to get involve in Office Furniture Industry in 2009 to become a strategies partner of our office renovation business such as supplying office open plan partition, workstation, office chair & steel furniture.

Now days the company are provide one chain of service and product in aluminum door window & frame ,tempered glass, gypsumboard partition & office renovation, office furniture service with reasonable price in related industry as shown as below :

Company Info

Our Product Range :

Shelton Jaya Sdn Bhd :

Since 1984 Year

Aluminum & Glass Engineering Work :

  • Aluminum Door
  • Aluminum Window
  • Aluminum Frame
  • MISC Aluminum Construction Material Product

2008 Year

Tempered Glass :

  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Tempered Glass Wall /Partition
  • Tempered Glass Supply / Engineering Work

2008 Year

Office  Interior  Renovation Contractor :

  • Gypsum Board Partition
  • Suspended Ceiling / Strip Ceiling
  • Vertical / Venetian Blinds/ Roller Blinds
  • Carpets / Vinyl Flooring
  • Painting Works
  • Door

2008 Year

Building Material Supply :

  • Tempered Glass Supply / Laminated Glass
  • Cut Size / Custom made Float Glass Supply
  • Aluminum Partition Section Supply
  • Plywood Door Supply
  • Aluminium Window Supply

2009 Year

Office Furniture Supply :

  • Office Open Plan System Partition
  • Office Chair
  • Office Workstations
  • Office Steel Furniture

2013 Year

'Shelton ' Cleaning Detergent  Distributor :

  • Alum & Glass Cleaner
  • Flooring Detergent
  • Toilet Detergent

2015 Year

Industrial  Stretch Film Distributor :

  • Industrial Wrapping from 100mm - 500mm