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-Cleaning Product Division

Hygiene Detergents

Cleanliness is a top priority in every organization. This is why Shelton Office supplies detergents to help you keep your premises clean. At the end of the day, you will have a healthy and happy working environment.

Shelton offers 3 categories of hygiene detergents, which are:

Aluminum and glass cleaning detergents

This is a cleaning substance that is effective for all your aluminum and glass surfaces. The detergent is usually in a 500ml bottle with a sprayer. The sprayer design guards against making a mess when cleaning. It also prevents wastage of detergent.

Besides, it is not only the cleanliness of a surface that matters but also that of your detergent. The design of this container ensures that the liquid inside remains clean too.

  • Functions of this detergent:
  • a) It curbs dust as it is anti-dust in nature
  • b) It gives the surfaces a breathtaking shine
  • c) Keeps glass, aluminum and ceramic surfaces clean

Serai floor cleaner detergent

This detergent comes with an anti-insect effect. It is contained in a 4-litre bottle. This liquid is green in colour. Shelton Office ensures that you do not use the same detergent on different surfaces. This is because each one of them is exposed to different dirt. That is why this company came up with this liquid wax to ensure your floor is sparkling clean.

The formula used to make this detergent ensures that you have an easy cleaning experience. You will enjoy the activity rather than strain to make the floor clean.

  • Functions
  • a) It provides an extra long-lasting clean appearance to the surfaces it is used on
  • b) It has a shining effect
  • c) It is suitable for marble, granite, ceramic tile, parquet and composite flooring

Lavender Floor cleaner detergent

You need to create a positive image about your company in all areas, including your washrooms as how you maintain your wash rooms speak a lot about your premises. That is why you cannot take chances by using low quality toilet detergent. Shelton Office has you covered because it has also specialized in this area.

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