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We are providing a Repair & Service Works for all the Office  Glass Door /  Aluminium Door .  Your may call / email us the photo or description , we will analysis and give a quote , upon comfirmation , we will sent our service team to do the repair works instead of changing new door . We are glad to serve you soon. Thanks you.

Glass Door Floor Springs Service :

When your heavy duty door / glass door / aluminium door happen the situation as below :

Door very fast close/ can't control smoothly

Your door  floor springs might  require to service in order to control the door movement  to more safety purpose

Step to Request Service :

  1. Check the Brand of your Floor Springs( Locate below the glass door rectangular  stainless steel shape ) Example : VVP / other
  2. Call /  Email us the Floor Springs Brand Name
  3. We will reply a quotation soon .
  4. Email / Fax us after   Chop & Sign the quotation ( together brand & address & contact person ) upon comfirmation
  5. We will sent our SERVICE TEAM in 3 workings days.

Service Line :  03 5891 1701 / 03 8068 5002

Email :

Fax : 03 8061 5009

Glass Door Floor Spring Service

Glass door repair service

When the office door seems to shut too fast and cannot be controlled to move smoothly, Shelton Office can help. What you need to do is just send a description of the problem to Shelton office, after which a quotation is sent and if confirmed, the service team is dispatched. The work of the team is not to get rid of the door and fix a new one, but to repair the existing door.